This journey has now come to an end as I cycled my way into Hanoi today...In the end we gave out 470 pieces of equipment throughout the hills of Laos, leaving behind a trail of smiles after 1220 km cycled..This tour would not have been possible if it wasn't for the people who believed in the I must say thank you for your contributions, support and an experience I will never forget...It's amazing to take the time and give back, especially when you able to share your passion with others. The people we met through our travels felt our energy, but they also gave us much inspiration to move forward...The energy and enthusiasm from everyone kept us hauling and those hills conquered become an after thought....This is a small charity, but my goal is for people to feel connected and see the joy that comes along with a simple gift...It is amazing how sport and play can unite people together and bring happiness and Cyril and I gave it our heart to ensure that message was delivered....
Riding a bicycle you become aware of your surroundings and the way people truly live their lives...I gained a huge amount of respect for the people and how they cope with their environment...However, the people don't see their environment as a struggle which was evident from all the positive interactions we experienced throughout our travels..but were grateful for the gifts provided and I am glad we could provide a little help...
This charity has now successfully completed three tours and I must say thank you to our friends, family, Sino-Canada students and staff, South Meridian Elementary, Diamond head Elementary, CIJS and our sponsors Mac Bros, Guardian International, Decathlon and Cocos Pure for believing in our mission...Also, I need to give a shout out to my teammate Cyril Indome who was the perfect choice to be out here..The kids were so fortunate to feel his passion for sport and his love for working with kids. My hope is we can continue this positive momentum for future tours and add more haulers to visit schools and impoverished areas of the world...
这个慈善活动已经成功的完成了三段旅行,我得感谢朋友们、家人、中加枫华中学的师生、South Meridian小学、Diamond head小学、迪卡龙、Guardian International公司和Cocos Pure公司,感谢你们信任这一理念。我还得隆重感谢我这一路的伙伴Cyril Indome先生,他能到这里来是个最佳人选。这里的孩子们幸运地感受到他对运动的激情和为孩子工作的热爱。我希望我们将来能继续进行,去拜访更多的学校和其他贫困地区。
Our work is done for now, but I am so grateful for everyone who made this tour a success. Thank you to the wonderful people of Laos for letting us in and making us feel welcomed. Also, a big shout out to Noy and Kydeux for getting the equipment shipped and making this project a reality! I hope everyone enjoyed our mission and as I sign off here I write with a heavy heart for the people who supported us and lead us along the right path...I hope this story brought you joy and happiness which provided many with the gift of sport and privilege to play....

Until next time....going dancing tonight!

Much love,


Happy New year from Quan Hao Vietnam!
我在越南 Quan Hao祝大家新年快乐!
Before leaving Xam Neua I had to pick up the last shipment of equipment and I can't believe we received all six! There has been the obvious challenges with the language and getting people to understand what exactly we are doing out here...but I got to give a shout out to my guy at the Pak Mong bus station who came through for us...Sometimes you just need a little faith and I am so grateful for all the great people who have helped us along this epic journey..
在离开Xam Neua前我必须要去取最后一次装备,令我不敢相信的是他们居然把全部的6车货一起寄到了这里!显然语言问题在这里是个巨大的挑战,很难跟他们讲清楚我们在干什么,但是我还是要感谢Pak Mongolia车站的伙计们,他们给了我巨大支持,有时候你只需要相互信任,我要感谢所有帮助我们完成这段旅程的人们!
The trailer was loaded to full capacity...Locals riding by on scooters take a double glance to see what exactly I am doing...I often have battles with truck drivers to see who will take the crown at the top of the hill and so far my record is pretty good. I made stops at many schools over the past two days...At times I had to perform a little off-roading to meet these energetic kids, but it's not very often they receive visitors in these parts of Laos...The schools out here don't have any equipment and lack basic resources...I went to a secondary school yesterday and I met a lady who told me the kids are keen to be active and enjoy sport, but don't have any funding to purchase the equipment...We have been giving schools our contact information along the way if we have met people that can speak English. My hope is that we can continue to stay connected with these schools so we can continue to provide support...
The riding towards the border has been spectacular...I am surrounded by limestone mountains, lush vegetation and it's been amazing to witness the everyday life of the people living in the villages...Compared to our standards, the people live tough lifestyles....but all I see are smiles and they have been so grateful if you take the time to say hello...Cycling through these remote areas has been very special...It's amazing to be able to provide people with a gift, but I must say the experience I have received during this journey is something special I will hold with me for the rest of my life...
Yesterday, I crossed the border and waved goodbye to Laos...This country has survived to remain in it's natural state...but it's the people that have made this a unique and amazing place...I have made my way to a town called Quan Hao in Vietnam and the road getting here is similar to a mountain bike trail...haha. Last night was difficult to find accommodation and almost found myself bunking up with three Vietnamese gentlemen in a hut, until I finally understood there is a town 3 km away...I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope 2014 brings everyone happiness and of course adventure...
昨天我穿过了边境线向老挝挥挥手说再见!这个国家还保持这原生态,这里的人们让这里成了很奇妙的地方,我到了越南的一个叫Quan Hao的小镇,这段路就像一段山地自行车赛的公路。昨晚好不容易才找到一个落脚的旅馆,这里还有其他3个越南人,最后我听懂了他们说3公路以外有个小镇。祝每一个朋友新年快乐,期待2014给大家带来幸福快乐,当然了还有未知的冒险!
Much love from Vietnam,

Here I go again on my own...
Now that the big guy has left the trailer has a little extra weight...I am now rocking a double decker to haul the equipment...Yesterday I made my way to Phou Lao which is located in the mountains and the first climb of the day was 17 km. Throughout this stretch there were no places for supplies so I made sure I was stocked up with everything I needed to hit these climbs with ease..Before I left Viang Thong I met a very nice Australian by the name of Anna who came through huge for me because the ATM in town wouldn't accept my debit....She lent me money and I promised to get her back once I arrived in Xam Neua. Thanks again Anna!
那个大个子走了,货斗比以前重了不少,我是带着双货斗了。昨天我朝Phou Lao骑,路也在山里面,第一个坡就有17公里。这段路没有补充食物的地方,所以我准备的很充分,我离开Viang Thong前遇见了一个可爱的澳大利亚人,他叫Anna,她可帮了我大忙,因为这里的ATM机不认我的银行卡。她借了钱给我,我答应一到Xam Neua就还她。再一次感谢了,Anna!
Yesterday, during my first ascend there were a few villages. You often see kids playing with sling shots, doing chores or throwing tires along the hillside and running hard to catch up....I don't think many kids in these areas often see foreigners because once I stop many of them run for their lives and run towards a safe lookout point to see what exactly I am doing...It makes sense because I haven't seen one cyclist since Pak Mong and given the terrain I don't know how many people are selecting this route...haha.
昨天在我的第一个爬坡过程中就经过了好几个村子,经常看见这里的孩子们玩弹弓,做家务,玩轮胎,他们把轮胎推下山坡,然后又拼命的去追回来。这里的孩子们肯定很少见到外国人,因为每当我停下来时他们就会跑开躲起来,偷偷的看看我是要干什么。这我可以理解,因为我从Pak Mong开始就没有见过一个自行车爱好者,再看看当地的地形,我相信没什么人会选择这条路,呵呵!
During this tour there has been many hills conquered, but these last couple of days I have really tested the legs...There has been climb after climb, with big elevation changes and the grade of the slope has increased...I always here the locals say to me "Muy, Muy" which probably means are you nuts... I have been averaging 6 km per hour up these hills, but I am still moving forward baby and I will keep that momentum going all the way to Hanoi...

There has been 400 pieces of equipment given out and 850 km cycled through these hills...I made it to the town of Xam Neua after cycling 150 km in the past two days...I am going to refill the trailer here before making my last push to Hanoi which is 330 km away...Going hard out here and finding a way since the big guy has left...Thank you everyone for the comments and really motivates me to keep the wheels spinning...
在这一带的山区里我们一共送出了400件装备,在这些山里骑了有850公里的路。过去这两天我骑了150公里终于到了Xam Neua,我打算在这里补充装备,为下一段到河内的冲刺做准备,330公里啊!大个子走了以后这段路可真累啊。感谢每一位朋友的留言和支持!这的确激励着我坚持骑着。
Here we go now! Jiayou!
Yesterday we had a late start...and given the upcoming hills and kids to meet...we weren't going to cover much ground. We made a stop right away at a primary and secondary school which drew quite the audience...Cyril found himself in the middle of this large crowd and it was his cue to perform on this grand stage....We donated quite a few balls given the size of the school and I believe the kids were expecting him to execute a backflip or break dance routine...but what they got was Cyril's charisma, similar to Ray Lewis pumping up his team before the game...
昨天我们出发的比较晚,爬山,拜访孩子们,没有去太多地方,而是在一个小学和中学旁边停了下来,当然了,吸引了不少观众。Cyril陷入了大量的人群中,而且他很乐意表现自己。考虑到学校蛮大的,我们送出了不少皮球,而且我相信孩子们一定想看看Cyril来个后空翻或者一段街舞,但是他们感受到了他的魅力就像Ray Lewis赛前给球队的热身一样。
Once we left the school we made our pursuit towards our next destination Viang Thom. We were told by the teachers of the previous school that it was 60 km away, but it turned out to be 130 km and mostly hills...The riding through the villages has been stunning, but food has been difficult to find during this stretch...Cycling along these hills requires lots of fuel and after 50 km we found a little restaurant that served us rice and soup. We were told the next town is 70 km we decided to stay in the village nearby which had a guesthouse one km away and the people here were incredible....
我们离开学校后就朝着下一个目标--Viang Thom冲去。前一个学校的老师告诉我们有60公里远,但是结果却有130公里,而且都是大山,骑行经过村庄很不错,然后这段路却很难找到吃的地方。在山里骑车需要补充很多食物才能有力气,一直骑了50公里才找到一个小饭店,可以提供米饭和汤菜。他们还说下一个城镇要在70公里远的地方,所以我们决定就在村庄旁边一公里外的一个小旅馆住下来,这里的人们好极了。
The owner of the guesthouse did everything in his power to make us feel at home...Food was difficult to find, but his wife which we called "Mama" gave us everything we needed to cook and get ready for the hills for the following day...we went into survival mode...There is no electricity in the village, but some families have generators to muster up a couple hours of power each night...In these parts of northern Laos textile shops are very common and the clothing is beautiful, especially given the amount effort it takes to create by hand...I enjoyed a tradition shower with buckets of water to get myself clean...I was surrounded by chickens, ducks and an old man....which was awkward...but I felt refreshed and enjoyed a fire with Cyril before heading to bed.

Today we woke up at 5:00 am and started cycling right away. At the next town our next shipment of equipment was arriving and there were few villages along the way...We survived the ride with peanuts and hard boiled eggs which were prepared from the night before...I have been having stomach issues for the past five days and have been only able to eat small amounts which has been challenging at times given the terrain...but if it's not bike problems or injuries something is bound to happen that will present obstacles and this is just another one of these moments...
Once we arrived to Viang Thom we headed straight to the bus station unsure if the equipment has arrived and sure enough it was right there. We put our faith with a gentlemen in Pak Mong to get the quipment shipped and we have been lucky to find such good people along the way....
我们一到 Viang Thom就直奔汽车站去确认装备是不是到了,谢天谢地,装备就在那搁着呢。我们在Pak Mong找到一个值得信赖的先生,请他把准备运到这里,我们很幸运,沿途都能碰到这样的好心人。
Today was Cyril's last day on the tour has he heads to Hong Kong to meet his lady. His energy and compassion was felt and enjoyed by many...and during his time through these hills he gave it his heart to push through all the elements to provide kids with laughter and something they can enjoy...Thanks for all your hard work my man...and you will be missed especially now that the trailer load has doubled on my part...haha...Being from Manitoba where hills don't exist...he proved all it takes to succeed is the right attitude and the ability to work together..Your legend out here will be remembered...and it was an absolute pleasure to take on this journey with you....couldn't of asked for a better teammate, but when it comes to football we will always be on opposite sides of the line...haha.

Merry Christmas from somewhere in the hills of northern
Laos!!! We sorted out our visas for Vietnam and today we
were back on the road. We woke up at a truck stop which is
called Pak Mong and right at the beginning kids were hustling
over to get their hands on a gift from Santa Cyril...
我们在老挝北部的一个山区里祝大家圣诞快乐!办好越南的签证我们又上路了。今天我们在一个叫Pak Mong的汽车站醒来,孩子们纷纷涌来找这个名叫Cyril的圣诞老人要礼物。。。
In the spirit of Christmas we made
many stops....even had the kids
singing Christmas carols...Our favorite
stop was in a small village in the hills
where they had an after school
program. Many kids playing Takraw
and dancing! Cyril decided to join in
for some line dancing...a little
different form from his club / Ja Rule
dance moves during his university
days at plan b....We played many
games with the kids and we had no
idea where we were heading, but
that's what adventure is all about.
因为是圣诞节了,我们停留的次数比以前多了一些,甚至还有孩子在唱圣诞颂歌,我们感觉最开心的一次是在一个山里的村子,那时孩子们正在进行课余活动,有好多孩子在玩Takraw球和跳舞,这种舞和他大学里跳的Ja Rule 不一样,我们在这里玩了很多游戏,甚至忘记了我们该去哪里了,这就是探险的意义所在啊。

Once we left this school I had a group of kids chasing me up
the hill and given their effort I couldn't resist but to give them
something..We didn't do much cycling today during the
day....and before sunset we were blessed with a 20 km hill
climb which was mostly performed during the dark...
Once we reached the top we started our descend and once
the sun goes down, the temperature drops!!! No heaters up
here and all ages are making fires to keep warm during the
winter months....We descended for 10 km, but we made a
pitstop at a fire that was taking place in one of the hillside
villages to warm up...It's not very often that two foreigners
come through the middle of the night in these parts, but the
company was great and they told us shelter was only 7 km
away and they were right..Before we met this group I
seriously thought we would be sleeping outside because our
maps were showing there wasn't a town for miles...
No turkey dinners out here...and of course we are missing all
of our family and friends...We are now deep in the hills of
northern Laos and have gave out close to 300 pieces of
equipment. We are making our way towards the Vietnamese
border and continuing to attack these hills and pay visits to
these awesome kids...Merry Christmas everyone!!! We wish
you health, happiness, laughter, love and of course
Much love going your way!


A little bit of adversity...
We had a great riding day yesterday. We covered a great distance while handing out close to a 100 pieces of equipment. Now on our journey to Pak Mong we ran to a French gentlemen who was cycling around the world. Very inspiring to hear some of his stories. Anyhow he had mentioned that crossing the border to Vietnam, you need to apply for your visa online. We were under the impression that we could get it at the Laos, Vietnamese border. Once we reached Pak Mong we inquire about the Vietnamese visa and it turns out that if you are travelling by land you have to apply in person. So we hop on a bus from Pak Mong to Luang Prabang. And by bus, I mean a pickup truck with benches in the cab pretty much. It was freezing! So Paul, I and the locals cozied on up for the 3 hour drive back to Prabang. Every turn or pot hole we would hit I would body check Paul into the cage of the truck. First my snoring and now he has to deal with my body checks and drool as I sleep on him. Poor guy. Send my guy Paul some love! He has a little bit of a stomach bug here but he's hanging in there and in good spirits.
昨天骑的很辛苦,走了很长一段路,送出了100多个器具。在我们去Pak Mong的路上遇见一位法国朋友,他在骑车环游世界,听他讲他的故事真带劲,但是他提醒我们到越南那边需要网上办理签证,我们原以为可以在老挝与越南的边境线办理。但是当我们一到Pak Mong就咨询越南签证的问题,结果是如果是走陆路必须去亲自办理。所以我们跳上汽车从Pak Mong到琅勃拉邦去。在车上,我是说那种卡车,货厢里有个板凳坐着,动弹不得。Paul,我还有当地人挤在一起,颠了3个小时。车子每转一次弯或者过一个坑,我们就要挨彼此的挤,以前是我的呼噜声,现在是我的大块头和我睡觉时流出的哈喇子,可怜的家伙,大家安慰一下他吧!他有点闹肚子,但是仍然坚持着,精神头好着呢。

We make it back to Prabang we are told that we won't be able to pick up our visas till the next day. So we enjoyed some good cuisine and got more rest. We love this place anyways for how beautiful it is and the fusion between French and Buddhist culture.

Back at Sino the staff have a flag football series in which we call the Sino Bowl. Paul and I are bitter rivals and have been elected general managers for the 2014 teams. For those counting the series stands at Indome 2 Hayes 1. Hayes claims the game that he wasn't there wasn't sanctioned but I kindly remind him that although he is Mr. Big Time and all, the league games may continue without him, just as they would for any other member on staff. Regardless our team won the rubber match, which Hayes was present for, and we currently hold the Sino Bowl Championship Belt. 
Our second order of business during this trip was to draft 2 new staff teams. Paul and I negotiated for 4 days on how the draft format would unfold. The big issue was if the manager with 1st overall pick would have picks 1 and 4 or should we would do it the traditional way of going 1st and 3rd. Tons of pros and cons to each format which we won't get in to at this time. We decided on picking the traditional way of alternating the picks. We also had to negotiate on who gets the coveted 1st overall pick. This negotiation session took only 3 days, with talks stalling on day 2 but we finally decided to do an old fashion coin toss. The winner of this coin toss was yours truly Cyril "Boobie Miles Al Davis Jerry Jones Kevin Cheveldayoff Wade Miller" Indome...
这次旅行中我们的另外一个事情就是再建两支足球队。关于方案Paul和我讨论了4天,每种方案都有成吨的赞成或者反对的理由,现在我们不会来谈这个事了。我们决定还是采用传统的方案。。。我们还讨论了谁来得到令人垂涎的第一顺位。这些事情只讨论了3天,讨论到第2天卡住了,我们最终决定采用古老的方式:投硬币。你们的Cyril "Boobie Miles Al Davis Jerry Jones Kevin Cheveldayoff Wade Miller" Indome赢了。

Below are the listed teams in no particular order.
Outlaws/Raiders/ The U.               Team Gorgeous
koombaya sing along
  Indome.                                                  Hayes
Chong                                                       Lawrence
Casey                                                       Byron
Steph.                                                      Darren 
Kayla.                                                       Neil Rushton
Ron Berg.                                                  Wilson 
Ross Mck.                                                  Zhang Qi Jun
Dodd.                                                       Truong
Deirdre                                                     Gitske
Peffers                                                     Ian Alexander
The Outlaws have always been known as the villain, the heel or the bad guys of the league. But we embrace that role and understand that it is us against the world. Both managers feel very good about their respected teams. We are still negotiating field dimensions and official rules. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

No matter what obstacle we face whether it is the Kassy 40km climb, Vietnamese visas, stomach bug, flat tires or anything that comes our way we rally around each other and attack the problem. We are very motivated to continuing our mission of reaching as many kids as we can here in Laos. We are in very good spirits and as you can see, have found ways to generate some laughter despite a few bumps in the road.

Thank you all for reading and the support. 

We wish you all the best during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Cyril and Paul
Back on the road!
Yesterday we took a day off in Luang Prabang to explore the city and venture off to check out the Kuang si waterfalls outside of Luang Prabang...which was stunning. The city of Luang Prabang is beautiful...surrounded by temples, traditonal Laos and European architecture. The cuisine here is fantastic...A normal dinner for the big guy and myself usually consists of a five course meal so we can haul the equipment with no problems...In Prabang we received a shipment of 280 pieces of equipment, but we need them shipped to various parts of the country so we can refill our trailers along the way...which has presented some challenges due to the language barrier...However, our pit crew in Vientiane and Prabang have done their best to get us the equipment and keep the charity drive running!
We were on the road by 10:00 am and I told Cyril the riding today would be mostly flat which I found out from one of the locals...but of course that wasn't the case....Cyril doesn't believe anything anyone has to say about the upcoming terrain and prepares himself mentally for the  worst...Today the nightmares of the Kasi climb were appearing at times, but after conquering those hills from Vang Vieng to Prabang...nothing really can compare. We have been meeting many cyclists and today we met a couple from China and a gentlemen from France who is cycling across the world...We have been sleeping at Guesthouses along the way, but Cyril and I are no longer sharing a room because the snoring that takes place from the big man sounds like a V 8 engine is revving at 10000 rpm...Vanessa thank you for the warning...
School was out today and we gave out tons of equipment from Prabang to Pho Kun. The kids are always a little uncertain why we stop and then they see us take out a Takraw ball or volleyball and it goes viral on twitter that two men are bearing gifts...When I say twitter, I mean village tribal call to summon the masses.....These kids have such great energy and it's unbelievable that we can provide them with something so simple that brings them so much joy...
在从琅勃拉邦到Pho Kun的路上我们送出了成吨的装备。孩子们开始总是奇怪我俩为什么停下来,但是当他们看见我们拿出Takraw球或者排球时,我们会喊出大队孩子出来,说这两个人在送礼物。我说的喊,是指他们用当地的方式召唤同伴,这些孩子们活力十足,我们就这样简单的方式就能激发他们这么多激情,简直不可思议。
We cycled 110 km today and we are now at the furthest point north of our tour in Laos. We will be heading east towards the Vietnam border and we are deep in the country side...We handed out 270 pieces of equipment thus far and we are refilling the trailers this afternoon in a town called Muang Noy...We still have many places to go and children to meet...Wish us luck...
我们今天骑了110公里,我们已经到了老挝这一段路的最北边了,我们将向东朝着越南边境骑行,这里真正的乡村,我们送出了270件装备,下午的时候我们在一个叫Muang Noy的镇上补充了装备,还有好多路呢,还有好多孩子们等着我们,祝我们好运吧!


Yesterday we had a 5:30 am start and started to make our way to Luang Prabang...For the past three days we have been going up hills and our biggest challenge was a climb from Kasi to Phou Khoun which was a 30 km ascend....Whooo! We have been meeting many cyclist coming from the opposite direction...because it is well documented from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang it is mostly hills...haha! We met one Russian cyclist who said "Today...many problems for you..." Thanks bud for the advice....but we can say now we conquered those hills and we really got a great sense of the environment around us...
昨天我们早上5:30就向出发向琅勃拉邦挺进。过去的这3天里我们几乎一直在爬坡,其中最具挑战的一段是从Kasi到Phou Khoun的一段路,几乎30公里都是上坡啊,喔!我们遇到了许多骑行者从我们对面过来,因为官方文献明确记录着,从Vang Vieng到琅勃拉邦之间几乎都是大山,哈哈!我们还遇见一个来自俄罗斯的骑行者,他说“你们今天的麻烦可大了”,谢谢兄弟的大实话,但是我们现在要说我们征服那些高山了,并且对周围环境有了更加直观的认识。
My friends at south meridian elementary we have been coming across many animals along our travels....For example, we often see cows, mountain goats and pigs when we are cycling....yesterday we even came across an elephant...but I will keep my eyes open for tigers amd kuala bears...I look forward to meeting all of you in person this February and thank you for your generous are putting smiles on the faces of many out here...
我south meridian elementary的朋友们,我们沿途遇见了许多动物,比如,我们常常遇见牛群、山羊和猪。昨天我们甚至遇见了大象,但是我一直警惕着老虎和kuala熊,我期待在2月份遇见你们,感谢你们的慷慨援助,你们给这里的许多人们带来了笑容。
The children we are meeting in the mountain villages are often doing chores...Carrying pales of water with a stick on their shoulders going up the hillsides, carrying bags of wood on their backs and cooking or washing...We often see kids riding one speed bikes up hills to commute to school....We have been handing out many Takraw balls in these parts. The villages are positioned along the hillside and soccer fields and space are hard to come by....The people have a very tough lifestyle...but find creative ways throughout their environment to survive...The weather in the mountains is cold and we see people showering along the hillside with no hot water...I admire their toughness and the simplistic way they live their lives....
For the past three days we were mostly ascending, but yesterday we descended for 45 km into the beautiful town of Luang Prabang....we were rewarded by the biking gods...We took a day off today and got organized with equipment for our push towards the north...We will be leaving tomorrow morning and we are thinking of our friends and family during the holiday season...We love you and you are out here with us...

We haul to sing!
We finally accepted that these kids are too athletic for us anyways so decided to do some singing/chanting. I'm telling you, this one school had "we will rock you" down pretty good. Tons of energy, feet stomping and hands clapping. Hayes has a bit of a voice on him. We had a blast.
我们不得不承认孩子们太有感染力了,我们唱起歌来。我告诉你们,这个学校把那首“we will rock you”唱的相当不错,躲脚,拍手,活力四射啊!Hayes唱得不错,大家都很有激情。
Now getting to these children was also a blast... We only cycled about *65 kilometres today. We had some serious climbs on this trek. We had stretches of 10 - 20 km in windy roads going up hill at a steep incline. Occasionally we would be rewarded with 1 or 2 km of down hill but shortly after there would be another climb just waiting for us. Now the view was gorgeous. We were on the side of a cliff for the majority of it over looking endless amounts of vegetation. But during these up hill stretches I was not going very fast at all.
Confessions pt 1:
I'm grinding away at this mountain in 1st gear thinking to myself "I think I'm going at about walking speed right now." Then I hear some laughter. I look to my right and left and there some kids whom we gave equipment to, WALKING up this mountain beside me... Their laughing and muttering the words "sorry" and "you" to me. I try to smile but really I just want to sing the rest of "eye of a tiger" to myself and finish this climb. And then all of a sudden, I feel like I get a second wind and pick up the pace. The kids are now jogging to keep up beside me! Then I look directly behind me and I see 3 of the kids jogging and pushing my trailer up this hill... 
My first instinct was to say to them:
        "No my little mountain angel children of Laos. Please stop pushing me. I don't need your help, and I'm sure this isn't overly safe either! Thank you for your generous offer!
But before I could mutter those words out I start thinking the following:
         - "well we are promoting exercise, nothing says exercise like a little weighted mountain run   for these guys"
         - this is good altitude training for them
         - "this gives them a chance to work on their teamwork and camaraderie"
         - " they are laughing, and if I make them stop pushing me they would probably stop laughing. Maybe they would cry. Wehaul2play doesn't want to make kids cry" 
         - "these kids live on these mountains, they'll have a better idea than I for when the semi trucks are coming.  They can warn me!"
So the children pushed me up the mountain for about 75 metres. 
I just finished reading the wehaul2play charter code of conduct rules and regulations and there are are no rules against cycling assistance. I was technically still riding my bicycle and trailer. However because of my conscience I will put an asterisk beside today's entry in my diary. I am sorry to all the people whom I've let down and disappointed. 
Hayes is a machine and these climbs seem like nothing to him. He'll do a 20km climb and then be playing soccer with some kids whiles I gasp for oxygen. It's a good system we have.
Right now we are staying at a guest house at the top of a mountain. The view is incredible. We plan on waking up early and doing a big ride tomorrow so I will shut it down here.现在我们在山顶的一个客房待着,风景没的说,我们计划明天早一点出发多赶点路,今天就到这吧。
I love all of y'all

Today we woke up to beautiful mountains and sunshine in Vang Vieng and we left with trailers loaded thanks to our support crew in Vientiane! In two days we have handed out over 100 balls and it didn't take us long today to start interrupting classes and get them playing with the big guy and myself! We are not going to lie.....but being both PE teachers, some times you need to put the pencils down and get that body moving and today we were successful twice getting classes to take break and enjoy a little chaos!
My favorite part of school was recess and any opportunity get moving! I was always the first one ready to go during break and the children here are no different. When we arrive at schools, the energy from the kids is amazing and it is so much fun to witness their enthusiasm! Today we played games, practiced skills and of course had a few laughs....It has been very special to ride through the hills and we are happy to help them channel that positive energy and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy sport and play!
My theory about the people believing Cyril was apart of the NFL Dallas Cowboys community outreach program was accurate when we met a teacher by the name of "La" who thought he is a professional American football player....just the confidence booster my guy needed to get him through the hills today....We are working together, similar to how rocky and Apollo join forces to defeat obstacles that seem so grand, but realistic when a common goal is achieved together...However, Cyril would say it is a little different from the hills in Manitoba...Our engines are running on "pho" (beef noodle soup), fruit and nuts...There is no Lance Armstrong dprogram out here....just a lot of heart...
We are now in the village of Kasi and we are starting to experience many hill climbs, but it seems effortless because we are doing what we love...If our ability to move, challenge ourselves and interact with others was taken away for us...we wouldn't be happy....

A toast to the adventure yet to come....